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martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Maria Selena Nuñez Gómez.

    My name is María Selena Nuñez Gómez
I am 10 years old.
I am student at School Nº1 "Artiga" F.T
I am from Salto, Uruguay, South America
My favorite colour is blue
My favorite number is 15
My favorite book is  "The Beauty and the Beast"
My favorite singer is Belinda
My favorite song is  "Yo te esperare"
My favorite film is "La era del dielo"
My favorite cartoon is "Scooby doo"
My favorite sport is "Quemada"

    Sister Ana Clara Nuñez Gómez
Age 15
Favorite colour is Black
Favorite cartoon is Avatar
Favorite animals is Dog

My dog sister is Escuba Canela Nuñez Gómez
Age 8
Favorite colour is blue
Favorite cartoon is hijitus
Favorite animal is dog

Father Oscar Ramón Nuñez
Age 35
Favorite colour White
Favorite cartoon Tom Jherny
Favorite animal is delfin

Mother Verónica Isabel Gómez
Age 36
Favorite colour is Black
Favorite cartoon is Tom y Jherny
Favorite  animal is dog


It is celebrated on Marcho 17

It is to honor and celebrate St Patric

The patron saint of ireland

St Patrickwas born in Britain

His parents were Chistians they were pros perovs
Patrick lived nombre life until he was
16 and he was captured by same Irish raiders
He was taken to ireland and kept as a is lave = esdavo.


Patrik returnet to ireland and dedicated
the rest of his life to conbertig pagans
buiding churches and schools and helping others.


My name is Misuzu
I am 13 years old
I am a student yes
I lave in Fukushima,Japan
My favorite food  is Yakitori
My favorite after - Shool club is Kendo

Describing famous people


Her name was Elizabeth Tailor.She was very bequtiful she had amazing violet eyes.

She was a very famous actress,a great star

She was 79 seventy-nine years old

She warked for 70 years in 50 filmsl movies

Her most famous filmslmovies wave Lassie, Cleopatria.

This essay is based primarily on material provided
in the biography Harry Houdini by Adam Woog (Lucent Books,1995).

Early Life 

Throughout his life, HARRY HOUDINI clamed that he was born Abril 6, 1874 in Appleton, Wisconsin.In fact,was born with the name Ehirich Weisz on March 24,1874,in Budapest,Hungar. His father was Mayer Samuel Weisz, a religious teacher,whose first wife had died in childbirth

He was a magisian,an escapolagist,a stunt a performer,an actor,a historian,an actor a historiar,a film

He went to the United States on July 3,1878 with his mother and his four brothers They lived in Appleton,Wisconsin His public dedut was when he was 9 as a trapeze artist


 In 1910 he toured Australia
A celebraton of the centenariy of Houdini´s first flight was help 2010.They induded the dedication of a monument.

1-Who is Frenc Cake?
he is a graohicatist,writer and direcros of animation films

 2-Where is he from?
 he is from Hungery

3-Which video did you match º º?
 We matech"Vivildi Four Seasons Autumn Sanol Animation"

4-What is the video about?
The video  is  the Four Sensons Spring Sumer Autumn Winter.

Yesterday we watched
a video in our shool 
blog called  "Vivaldi Four Seasons Autumn Sand Animation"
With music fromVivaldi.


Japan,known as the "Leand of Rising Sun" is a small is land country of the East coast of Asia whit the capital in tokyo

It is the home of same of the greates ancient tradition,natural beauty and art.

Japan`s land is made up of four main island and is full of dramatic landscapes.Most of the land in.

Japan is very mount anonus and several active and dormant volcanoes located on the japanse  is lands

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